Staten Island Online MBA Program

Staten Island Online MBA Program

Online MBA Program for Staten Island Residents

Residents of the Staten Island borough in New York City, NY are eligible to apply for an online MBA degree at St. Bonaventure. If you are looking to advance your professional career with an online, ethically-sound Master of Business Administration degree, St. Bonaventure is a great choice as our degree program has been accredited by the AACSB. Professionals who earn their MBA masters degree online from St. Bonaventure go on to make a difference.


About Our Online Staten Island MBA Program

The online Master of Business Administration program for Staten Island, NYC residents uses a 7 week term format, with two terms in each semester. Usually, Staten Island residents will be able to complete the online degree requirements in roughly ~2 years. Students with certain academic credentials may be able to complete the online MBA requirements in as few as ~20 months.


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About Staten Island, New York City, New York

Staten Island is one of New York City's boroughs, it is the least populated of any of the boroughs and the 3rd largest in land area. French and Dutch immigrants were the first Europeans to settle the land with a permanent town. During the Revolutionary War, the English used Staten Island as a staging area and most of the natural resources were used up for materials for the war. Eventually the wars ended and Staten Island was annexed to the City of New York in 1898. Today, Staten Island is home to many museums, parks and other cultural and historical landmarks that attract many tourists every day.

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Online Staten Island, New York City MBA Program

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