Student Career Portfolios

Student Career Portfolios

What is Seelio?

Seelio is a digital platform integrated with SBU’s online degrees that allow you to easily build an online portfolio. Through Seelio, students host their coursework in one place and showcase that work to prospective employers. As you progress through an online degree, assignments can be loaded into Seelio which provides a centralized location to save and share coursework. Upon graduation you will have an eportfolio that highlights what you learned and how it applies to the real world.

Benefits of an eportfolio

St. Bonaventure University is invested in the success of its students. This commitment extends beyond graduation. That is one reason SBU Online integrated with Seelio - to give students a resource that can help them highlight their work and set themselves apart to potential employers.

An eportfolio is a great way to distinguish yourself and show employers your tremendous collegiate work. An eportfolio allows employers to see beyond bullet points on a resume and really understand what you did as a student and why you stand out amidst your peers.

Seelio is the place where you can put that eportfolio together. Seelio allows you to beautifully document your work, projects, and passions! It’s a way for you tell your professional story, share your personal brand and improve your online presence in a unique and compelling way. No other place on the web is customized for you to show off what you have achieved as a student and how that has prepared you for your career. St. Bonaventure Online provides free access to this tremendous resource to help you upon graduation.

ePortfolios in Action

See real ePortfolios from some of our current students: