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Online Master of Arts[br]Content Marketing


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Make Great Stories. Then Tell the World.

Everyone loves a great story. At St. Bonaventure, our Online Master of Arts in Communication with a Content Marketing specialization will help you master the skills to strategically create and distribute impactful content, allowing brands and organizations to tell their great stories to wide and diverse audiences. It’s a strategic blend of creativity, customer empathy and technology. In this program you will learn:

Content Marketing: Strategy and Planning – Learn the structure and practices of content strategy, planning, distribution and analysis with sensitivity to the diverse audiences being served.

Content Creation: Visuals, Copy and Optimization – Gain experience with content idea generation, written and visual content types such as blog posts, infographics, case studies and video and creating visuals and copy that gain traction in the digital sphere.

Digital Media, Mobile and Emerging Technologies – Get a comprehensive understanding of social media marketing, mobile marketing, lead generation, user experience, and paid media amplification that will maximize brand discoverability, credibility and new audience potential.

Visuals: Communication Design – Strengthen your design skills and maintain continuity across multiple media communication pieces through realistic, hands-on assignments.  

Sharpen the skills you need for content roles revolving around content strategy, planning, process, creation and analysis. As a graduate you’ll attract and retain customers via content, ensure brand alignment, drive marketing and organization goals, and investigate trends shaping the future of content marketing.


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IMC 570 Finding Meaning in Data: Analytics, Data Visualization & Interpretation

Big data, media analytics, and geographic information systems (GIS) have changed the face of marketing communications research by allowing us to dig more deeply into data and research to find specific answers to general questions. This course examines big data and analytics and delves into GIS, allowing students to visualize and interpret data in a number of ways. This class also focuses on evaluating messages and determining their delivery. Students will analyze primary and secondary data to solve marketing communications problems and address the distinct problems created by large databases. Emphasis is on analytical technology and multivariate methods. The course stresses the strategic use of analysis through application and project examples. (3 credits) Prerequisite: IMC 520

Core Curriculum
  • COM 500 Finding Your Voice: Intro to Marketing Communication
  • COM 540 Embracing the Brand: Branding, Strategy & Execution
  • COM 580 Embracing the Audience: Empathy & Ethics
  • COM 590  Embracing Strategic Thinking: Marketing Strategy & Planning
  • COM 510 Embracing Analysis: Making Meaning from Data
  • COM 520 Embracing Research: Marketing Communication Research
IMC 590 Finding Them Where They Are: Mobile Marketing Communications

Mobile devices have revolutionized the way in which consumers communicate, shop, and interact with brands. Research shows that global mobile data traffic is projected to increase nearly sevenfold in the next several years. IMC practitioners are now required to have an in-depth knowledge of mobile marketing practices to accommodate current consumer expectations, as well as the expertise to create, lead, and execute a mobile-first marketing strategy. In this course, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of mobile marketing, will research, strategize, and implement applicable actions that will maximize brand discoverability, credibility, and new audience potential, and will learn how to construct strategies that exceed mobile user experience expectations. (3 credits)

Content Marketing
  • COM 640 Integrating Digital Media, Mobile, & Emerging Technologies
  • COM 662 Integrating Content Marketing: Planning & Strategy
  • COM 664 Integrating Content Creation: Visuals, Copy & Optimization
  • COM 720 Integrating Visuals: Communication Design
IMC 650 Embracing Your PR Skills: Developing a Voice for Your Client

This course provides a comprehensive analysis of public relations practices for the IMC practitioner in a global society. Topics include how to research, define, develop, and deliver an effective public relations campaign, how to use social media platforms for brands, work with for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, and how to manage and mitigate crisis communications situations on a local, regional, national, and/or international level. Course pedagogies include case studies, guest speakers, simulations, and live-client consulting. Finally, the course examines the use of computer technology and dialogue through social media and how they apply to the public relations executive and IMC practitioner. (3 credits)

  • COM 555 Mastering the Research: Fieldwork
  • COM 800 Mastering the Field: Thesis
  • COM 830 Mastering the Project: Final Defense