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Online Master of Arts[br]Communication

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Master the Art of Strategic Storytelling

Learn to use critical thinking and create laser-focused stories consumers value in the ever-changing communications landscape while you experience academic excellence at an extraordinary value. Through the online Master of Arts in Communication program, you will gain the necessary tools for creating a campaign vision, crafting the strategy, developing high-touch content for target audiences, analyzing data and measuring success. Our alumni are among the most forward-thinking professionals in their fields, working at Fortune 500 companies and using their cutting-edge knowledge and creativity to create change. SBU also is one of just three schools offering ACEJMC-accredited online graduate programs.

In our flexible, fully online program, you will choose one of three specializations – integrated marketing communication, content marketing or public relations – that best aligns with your career interests. This innovative program design will allow you to master the following concepts crucial for today’s innovative communications professionals:

Conceptual Thinking – Tap into creative thinking to develop original ideas for traditional and digital media content and empathetic consumer experiences.

Strategic Thinking – Identify communication problems, create strategic campaign plans and use data analytics to measure public relations and content marketing campaign goals.

Visual & Written Communication – Create engaging, integrated content and visuals across all major media platforms that demonstrate an understanding of diverse audiences and messages.

Professional Readiness – Develop a deeper understanding of global business topics through the lens of ethical decision making, gaining experience creating and presenting a formal communication plan.

Emphasis on Integrity – Connect with diverse audiences while embodying empathy, ethical principles and freedom of expression.


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Core Curriculum
  • COM 500 Finding Your Voice: Introduction to Marketing Communications
  • COM 540 Embracing the Brand: Branding, Strategy & Execution
  • COM 580 Embracing the Audience: Empathy & Ethics
  • COM 590 Embracing Strategic Thinking: Marketing Strategy & Planning
  • COM 510 Embracing Analysis: Making Meaning from Data
  • COM 520 Embracing Research: Marketing Communications Research
Integrated Marketing Communications Specialization
  • COM 640 Integrating Digital Media, Mobile, and Emerging Technologies
  • COM 620 Integrating Creative Strategy and Design
  • COM 650 Integrating PR in a Global Market
  • COM 720 Integrating Visuals: Communications Design
Content Marketing Specialization
  • COM 640 Integrating Digital Media, Mobile, and Emerging Technologies
  • COM 662 Integrating Content Marketing: Planning and Strategy
  • COM 664 Integrating Content Creation: Visuals, Copy, and Optimization
  • COM 720 Integrating Visuals: Communications Design
Public Relations Specialization
  • COM 650 Integrating PR in a Global Market
  • COM 652 Integrating Media Relations
  • COM 654 Integrating Crisis Management
  • COM 656 Integrating Event Management and Experiential Marketing
  • COM 555 Mastering the Research: Fieldwork
  • COM 800 Mastering the Field: Thesis
  • COM 830 Mastering the Project: Final Defense
Proud to Be a Bonnie
integrated marketing communications
I put together presentations every other day here… the volume of data I can sift through, put into a presentation, and present out without practicing is now a seasoned tool in my tool belt!

- Beth Moore
Senior Marketing Associate, Fischer-Price
Master of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communications

michelle mckernan
McKernan loves “every second” of her job as assistant marketing manager at Godiva Chocolatier, where managing social media is a large part of her workday. Pursuing her master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications ignited her interest in social media as brand marketing. “At Godiva I was given the opportunity to run, develop and execute content for their social media platforms,” she said. That’s a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of a 23-year-old, and McKernan thanks St. Bonaventure for helping her meet that challenge.  “The background of the whole mission of showing forgiveness and trying to move past (conflict) and work with others is something that I’ve since strived for every day,” she said.

- Michelle McKernan
Associate Brand Manager at Labatt USA
Master of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communications