Masters in Strategic Leadership Degree Online

Masters in Strategic Leadership Degree Online

Masters in Strategic Leadership Program Overview
Fast Facts
  • No GRE/GMAT Required
  • Complete in as little as 1 year
  • 30% tuition discount for active military
  • 100% Online
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Stand Out as an Extraordinary Leader

The St. Bonaventure University online Master of Arts in Strategic Leadership [MSL] program is designed for motivated professionals who are ready to become extraordinary leaders. The MSL program focuses on developing the essential abilities that define today’s transformative leaders and executives.You’ll learn strategic decision-making, thought leadership and problem solving while developing the advanced communication skills required to lead with confidence and clarity.

Business + Communication

The online Master of Arts in Strategic Leadership features an engaging curriculum that combines communication and business concepts. It’s a multidisciplinary approach that can help you develop the leadership mindset and real-world competencies that will make a difference in your career now - and well into the future. Our graduates are positioned to become strong leaders who think globally, lead change, work across interdisciplinary boundaries, and communicate and connect with people on a deeper level.

A Distinct Skillset

The online Master of Arts in Strategic Leadership takes a forward thinking approach to business leadership. This program is well suited for immediate implementation into your daily professional routines - whether you are a seasoned leader or ready to become one. You will learn the five essential abilities of true leaders:

  • Organizational Intelligence - Become knowledgeable about all facets of an organization. Gain the ability to navigate the legal, political and ethical issues to exert influence.
  • Cross Functional Awareness - Look across departments and understand responsibilities to assess the full organizational impact of decision making.
  • Command of Language - Learn advanced communication techniques that allow you to establish a vision, build credibility, and create trust across all levels of an organization.
  • Problem Solver - Effect change, seize opportunities and solve organizational issues using technical, analytical and strategic techniques.
  • Global Mindset - Develop big picture perspective. Adopt an approach that looks beyond singular function, geography or methodology.

Make a Difference in Your Career

Masters in Strategic Leadership Program Delivery

The online master of arts in strategic leadership is an accelerated, one-year, 33-credit online master’s program or a two-year, part-time program. Courses are geared towards expanding your knowledge of organizational leadership and management — from addressing the needs of a diverse workforce and managing human resources, to resolving organizational conflicts and understanding the impact of the digital world on your business. Courses are offered in one seven-week course at a time, each one is labeled a session with two sessions per semester.

You’ll graduate with a Leadership Portfolio that outlines your experience and applies classroom knowledge to real-world situations. This also gives you a competitive tool to leverage your experience to potential employers.

Masters in Strategic Leadership Careers and Outcomes

Online Strategic Leadership Degree - Average Salaries

Unlike a traditional business degree, a master’s in strategic leadership gives students the flexibility to enter a variety of fields, whether it’s business management or communications coordination. In general, the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that individuals 25 and older who had a master’s degree earned approximately $10,000 more a year than their counterparts with a bachelor’s degree. In addition, MSL graduates are leaders in a variety of fields such as organizational managers who earn approximately $110,00 a year, educational administrators who earn approximately $75,000 a year and the communications field which varies from $50,000 to $70,000 annually.

“St. Bonaventure’s leadership program was the best decision I made to help me grow both professionally and personally.” – Christy D. Sullivan, '08

Masters in Strategic Leadership Program Admissions
  • A completed application
  • A short essay stating your goals for engaging in such a learning experience
  • A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university
  • Transcripts from all institutions attended
  • A current résumé that shows at least three years of working experience
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Masters in Strategic Leadership Cost and Financial Aid
Online Masters in Strategic Leadership Tuition

M.A. in Strategic Leadership: $733 per credit hour / $24,189

Online Masters in Strategic Leadership Financial Aid

Qualified individuals may receive financial aid. There are a number of options available including aid from the government, individual financial institutions and benefits available for those who have served in the military. Please visit our Financial Aid page for more information.

Masters in Strategic Leadership Program Curriculum

Click on the course name to learn more about what you will study in our online Masters in Strategic Leadership program.

Student ePortfolios

View real MSL student's college projects in their ePortfolios provided by Seelio. Click here to view their ePortfolios.

MSL 605 Leadership and Values

Students begin the program with a cornerstone course that introduces them to contemporary leadership principles and practices. Franciscan values related to effective leadership such as servant leadership, respecting each person’s dignity, and humility as leaders are explored and self-assessments are used to help students gain insight into their own leadership strengths and areas for improvement. Students will complete a 360 degree evaluation and receive individual coaching on their leadership abilities.

MSL 610 Leadership and Diversity

People have intrinsic value beyond their tangible contributions in the workplace and the community. Understanding the unique contributions of diverse individuals makes an organization effective by capitalizing on all of the strengths of each employee. This course investigates the increasingly prominent issues surrounding diversity. Theories on gender and minorities in the workforce are reviewed so that students gain an understanding and appreciation of the special circumstances they face in modern society. Special emphasis will be placed on the role of the leader in organizations that are addressing the needs of a diverse workforce.

MSL 615 Developing Human Resources

Effective leaders promote the transformation of self, organizations, and systems to create a culture of service and to build community. In this way, leaders must be effective in working in multiple contexts to effectively empower and motivate others. This course builds on theories in managing human resources that help leaders effectively select, train, develop, and build shared vision among employees. Students will evaluate team leadership strategies for empowering and involving others, as well as examine a leader’s coaching and mentoring roles as performance enhancement strategies.

MSL 620 Global Leadership

This course focuses on issues that drive global policies, economics and behavior. As we live in an increasingly global world, this knowledge can help leaders to make far more informed decisions in their own work environments and understand more clearly the impacts of those decisions on people, nations, and global systems. The latest leadership theories, models, concepts, principles and practices regarding leadership issues, within the context of global, international and multicultural organizations are explored.

MSL 625 Organizational Structure and Behavior

This course explores ways to change organizations, ranging from start-up companies to established institutions, to meet the demands of ever-changing environments. Areas of in-depth discussion include the theoretical framework of organizational development and change, models of planned organizational change, barriers to implementing change and ways to overcome them, and the roles of the change agent and/or consultant. Students will gain skills in organizational entry and contracting, and will gain a better understanding of the challenge of change through analysis of the theory, research, and practice of IMC development.

MSL 630 Leading the Digital World

This course provides an in-depth look at how technology and the Internet are impacting the way organizations and individuals lead, communicate, collaborate, share knowledge, and build ever expanding communities of learning. Course activities focus on the social and ethical questions posed by today’s e-world, as well as management best practices that foster effective use of technology. The course also addresses the issues of leading organizations through the process of change as new technologies are implemented and people strive to adapt.

MSL 635 Conflict Resolution

This course will look at a history of conflict from organized labor to regional and world conflicts with a focus on peaceful resolution and planning with compassionate and respectful leadership. This class will also emphasize diversity in culture and other factors as an antecedent to conflict. New technologies, globalization, and current event crises will be discussed. Students will be asked to share issues of conflict in the workplace that have had an impact for class discussion and participation.

MSL 640 Leading Change

This course introduces students to change management in organizations mindful of individual self-worth. Using theories, the course will put them into the context of organizational change. Textbook, case study, and student discussion will facilitate learning how to manage organizational change and crises efficiently and effectively in an ever-evolving global environment.

MSL 645 Organizational Performance

Understanding, accessing and sharing data for information and decision-making purposes is critical in a dynamic and rapidly changing business environment. In this class students will develop a basic understanding of statistical representations of data as well as techniques for gathering, organizing and communicating data. Additionally students will develop key performance measures using a case or project of their own choice.

MSL 650 Legal and Political Environments

Effective leaders adopt an attitude of serving others first to meet their needs along with those of the organization and the greater society. This course examines the application of law and political environments to managerial decisions and the impact these decisions have on society. The relationships between legal and business strategy are examined as practical areas that a leader must assess. This course also looks at how political and social roles impact organizations, social responsibility in business, and international business transactions.

MSL 655 Project in Strategic Leadership (2 credits)

The capstone course provides students with an opportunity to synthesize what they have learned about leadership during their graduate degree program and to demonstrate mastery of primary leadership competencies, concepts, principles and practices. Students will complete an in-depth case analysis to demonstrate their competence in identification, analysis and solution of leadership problems in organizations and society today.

MSL 660 Leadership Portfolio​ (1 credit)

Students will be expected to prepare a Leadership Portfolio of projects and activities that best demonstrates their professional development throughout the program. Students will be individually advised and coached on the quality and content of their portfolio and the goals achieved in the program.