Masters in Strategic Leadership

Masters in Strategic Leadership

Reach Your True Potential

St. Bonaventure University’s online Master of Arts in Strategic Leadership [MSL] is perfect for working professionals looking to take the next step in their career. If you are a manager who knows you have not reached your potential as a leader, this MSL degree can help get you there.

Distinguish Yourself as Leader

How can you separate yourself from the pack? There are plenty of people who have some management experience looking to move up. How can you stand out amongst similarly qualified peers and seize opportunities as they present themselves?

The MSL is more than just an advanced degree, it is a transformative experience that will fundamentally change your approach. The Master’s in Strategic Leadership helps you evolve into a well-rounded and multi-dimensional leader or executive. That means becoming someone who can work effectively across departments and geographic borders, inspire and motivate employees and co-workers and use critical thinking to make important decisions with confidence.

Our MSL Program:
  • Provides essential insight into leadership, communication and business
  • Is designed to develop the student’s long term leadership and management potential
  • Focuses on cultivating the core abilities of modern leadership
  • Teaches students how to act like a leader, motivate others and inspire confidence
  • Delivers immediately applicable skills for the experienced manager
Build Your Value

Earning a Master’s in Strategic Leadership degree says that you are serious about leadership and your career. Graduates leave with a Leadership Portfolio allowing them to show current or future employers the knowledge they have gained. The portfolio includes projects and activities they have completed that demonstrates their professional development.

An MSL also improves your chances of seizing opportunities as they present themselves because you have improved leadership skills and a graduate degree. All of this can add up to career advancement, career satisfaction, and improved financial well-being. The MSL is a tangible credential that stands out among your qualifications.

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