James Mahar

James Mahar

School of Business
Faculty Member, Finance

Academic Degrees

  • Ph.D., Penn State University
  • M.B.A, University of Rochester
  • B.B.A., Finance and Management Sciences, St. Bonaventure University


Peer Reviewed Publications 

  • The Behavior of Implied Volatility of Oil Futures Options Surrounding OPEC Meetings with Stephen Horan and Jeffrey Peterson. 2003 Energy Journal
  • Using Football to Teach Finance-with Rodney Paul-BQuest. A University Journal of Applied Business 2003
  • "Adelphia Communications: A Case Study in Accounting Fraud,” Journal of Accounting and Finance Research, Vol. 11, No. 4, (Fall 2003), with Carol Fischer
  • Phillippe Communications-with Carol Fischer — A Finance case.  BQuest A University Journal of Applied Business 2004
  • Implied Volatility and Auditor Reputation: the Andersen case.  Research in Finance. With Jonathan Godbey, 2004
  • An examination of Stock Market Response to NASCAR Race Performance with Rodney Paul and Laurie Stone.  Journal of Marketing Management, Fall 2005
  • Endorsers -- With Betsy Drewniak and Mike Russell. Journal of Marketing Management, Fall 2005
  • The Forecasting Power of Implied Volatility: evidence from Individual Equities. BQuest A University Journal of Applied Business 2007. With Jonathan Godbey (2007)
  • The Betting Market Response to the 2-Point Conversion in the NFL" accepted for publication in the Journal of Business and Economic Perspectives.  With Andrew Weinbach and Rodney Paul. (forthcoming 2008)
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