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online counseling

Check out this infographic for details about how a new generation is changing therapy forever.


Sensitive data belonging to companies and individuals can be incredibly valuable - and in today’s world, incredibly vulnerable. As cybersecurity threats multiply, a growing demand for data security professionals is creating promising career opportunities in a variety of industries.

How to Spot Bullying infographic teaser

Bullying is a prevalent issue, with 70%-80% of school-age students reporting that they have been involved as a bully, victim or bystander. Sixty percent of bullying incidents, however, aren’t reported to an adult. For parents, teachers and school counselors, it’s essential to be proactive about promoting the well-being of children and teens. Bullying is a serious issue that concerns a majority of young people, but adults can make a difference with careful monitoring and preventive strategies.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Career Path Infographic header

The stigma around mental health is persistent. However, the difference between 2019 and previous years is the ever-growing awareness of and openness around the topic. With more people seeking counseling services right now, clinical mental health counseling is an increasingly attractive career. The below infographic goes into detail:

Cybersecurity - Fighting the Good Fight Infographic teaser

Check out this infographic for details about a career in "ethical hacking" and cybersecurity! 

How Much More Can You earn With an MBA? teaser

An SBU MBA makes you a versatile candidate in may fields. Below we look at how increasing your career potential may also increase your salary.