AACSB-Accredited Online MBA in Business Analytics

AACSB-Accredited Online MBA in Business Analytics

Online MBA in Business Analytics

AACSB-Accredited Online MBA in Business AnalyticsEvery company needs someone who can leverage data to inform strategic business initiatives and guide operational decision making. That’s why the business analytics concentration of our online MBA focuses on the essential aspects of data-driven business and leadership. Learn how to use data to gain critical insight into customers, the marketplace, your organization and the global business environment.

Business Analytics is Business Intelligence

  • Improve decision making – Acquire, select and analyze data to make managerial decisions that affect finance, marketing and organizational development
  • Use data to improve marketing – Build models that predict customer responses and profile customer segments using actual customer databases
  • Present and visualize data – Design and communicate quantitative and qualitative data to a diverse range of audiences
  • Become a more effective project manager – Develop best practices in project management while utilizing industry standard software and tools
  • Use financial tools and software to improve outcomes – Build proficiency in the financial tools used to estimate value, perform earned value analysis, prepare and present financial statements, budgets, forecasts and projections per the AICPA guide on Prospective Financial statements
Online MBA in Business Analytics Program Curriculum

Below is a sample list of courses you will be required to complete for the online MBA with a concentration in Business Analytics program. To view a full list, please download a program brochure.

Careers and Outcomes

Business analytics represents a highly desirable and increasingly in demand skill set:

  • Nearly 50% of respondents to a recent McKinsey Analytics survey say analytics and Big Data have fundamentally changed business practices in their sales and marketing functions - Forbes
  • An estimated 2.7 million job postings for business analytics and data science are projected in the United States by 2020 - PwC
  • Analytics is considered to be the most trending expertise by 75% Internet of Things (IoT) providers and over 68% of them are struggling to find employees with relevant expertise - Forbes
MBA 620 Marketing Analytics for Data Driven Decision Making

This course introduces students to methods for analyzing data residing in firms’ customer databases. The first half of the course focuses on descriptive and financial tools. We will discuss ways to profile customer segments based on their profitability to the firm, estimate individual customers’ lifetime value, and see how this value can be altered by promotional efforts.

MBA 621 Data Visualization and Analysis

This course provides an introduction to the field of data visualization. Students learn basic visualization design principles to produce meaningful displays of quantitative and qualitative data in order to enhance the managerial decision making process. Students will learn various techniques for visualizing sequential, text-based, geospatial, hierarchical data and large data sets.

MBA 625 Project Management

This course introduces best practices in project management, the study of concepts, and tools of project management. Topics will include project scope, project time, project cost, procurement management, project quality, project risk, project resources, project communications, human resource considerations, and how to be an effective project manager.

MBA 634 Financial Modeling

While understanding accounting, financial and economic theory is vital to any professional in those fields, it is no longer a sufficient condition for success. All new graduates looking to start a career in finance or accounting must be proficient in Excel. This course is specifically targeted at helping aspiring professionals acquire those skills.