AACSB-Accredited Online MBA in Marketing

AACSB-Accredited Online MBA in Marketing

Online MBA in Marketing

AACSB-Accredited Online MBA in MarketingOur AACSB-accredited online MBA in Marketing offers a broad-based and thorough marketing education that strengthens your ability to navigate our dynamic global business environment. You learn leadership, management and problem-solving skills, as well as proven marketing strategies and modern tools. This way, you graduate with the competence and confidence necessary to move up in the ranks of marketing immediately. Our accredited online MBA program can set your resume apart from your colleagues.

Online MBA Program Curriculum

Below is a sample list of courses you will be required to complete for the online Marketing MBA program. To view a full list, please download a program brochure.

Careers and Outcomes

Online MBA in Marketing - Average Salaries

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Foundation Courses (9 credits)

Foundation courses ensure preparation for upper-level courses. Some of these courses for our accredited online MBA program may be waived based on prior schooling and/or work experience

  • MBA 515F Quantitative Foundations for Management
  • MBA 516F Accounting & Finance Foundations
  • MBA 517F Economic Foundations
The Business Core (12 credits)

The business core ensures that you’ll develop an advanced conceptual framework for analyzing and solving business problems. 

  • MBA 610 Financial Management
  • MBA 612 Marketing Management
  • MBA 613 Organizational Behavior
  • MBA 616 Accounting Practices and Analysis
MBA 636 Marketing Research

This course involves a study of the process of carrying out a marketing research project. Topics include the identification of information needs and research objectives; development of a plan for conducting the research; sample selection and design of research instruments; data collection and analysis; and reporting research results. An attempt is made to have the class conduct empirical studies on typical marketing research problems.

Prerequisite: MBA 608 and MBA 612.

MBA 638 Consumer Behavior

This course is designed to provide further insight into the nature of the consumer decision-making process. In order to accomplish this, various other disciplines must be studied. The marketing and behavioral science literature pertinent to the following subject areas is examined: perception, learning, motivation, personality, attitude, beliefs, social processes, social class, and culture. Finally, several models of consumer decision-making are studied and their practical implications for marketing strategy are discussed.

Prerequisite: MBA 612.

MBA 644 International Marketing

This course focuses on the problems and issues faced by multinational enterprises in conducting market research, undertaking market segmentation, and developing product, price, distribution and promotional strategies for their overseas markets. The course also examines macro-environmental factors such as economic, political, legal, geographical, and cultural issues that impact international marketing.

MBA 611 Legal Environment of Business

The purpose of this course is to recognize the impact of the law on management and marketing decision making. Dealing with government agencies, protecting intellectual property, avoiding antitrust traps, and product liability issues are among the highlights.

2 Electives from the Finance or Marketing track.

MBA 649 Capstone

The case-based capstone course provides the student with a practical, normative, and integrated approach to top management decision-making.  In this course, students draw upon previous coursework and apply their knowledge of accounting, finance, marketing, and management to organizational problems, working with colleagues to develop and present solutions.