Online MBA
Master of Business Administration

Online MBA[br]Master of Business Administration

Develop Your Career as a Complete Professional

St. Bonaventure University’s fully accredited online MBA goes beyond the traditional Master of Business Administration. Through personalized and interactive coursework, you’ll become a well-rounded professional prepared to lead and innovate in a variety of business environments.

  • Advance Your Skills – Develop the skills that matter to employers and your future: essential business competencies, critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication.
  • Cultivate Specialized Knowledge – Become proficient in one of the most important areas of business to stand out and enhance your existing expertise.
  • Lead More Effectively – Grow your understanding of business operations and the fundamental functions of management to take on more responsibility and improve your leadership potential.
  • Improve Decision Making – Understand the interaction among business functions to better assess the full organizational impact of your decisions.
  • Employ a Different Way of Thinking – Gain perspective on the big picture to overcome business challenges with a global mindset.

Graduates are equipped with strong ethical judgment, advanced business skills, and interdisciplinary knowledge. With an online MBA from St. Bonaventure, you can achieve extraordinary outcomes for the greater good and the bottom line.


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Foundation Courses (9 credits)

Foundation courses ensure preparation for upper-level courses. Some of these courses for our accredited online MBA program may be waived based on prior schooling and/or work experience.

  • MBA 515F Quantitative Foundations for Management
  • MBA 516F Accounting & Finance Foundations
  • MBA 517F Economic Foundations
The Business Core (12 credits)

The business core ensures that you’ll develop an advanced conceptual framework for analyzing and solving business problems.  

  • MBA 610 Financial Management
  • MBA 612 Marketing Management
  • MBA 613 Organizational Behavior
  • MBA 616 Accounting Practices and Analysis
  • MBA 649 Business Policy (Capstone)
Graduate Electives (18 credits)

The graduate electives allow you to pursue studies in five subject areas of special interest:

  • Legal & Ethics
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Business Analytics

Students complete a total of six elective courses (18 credits) of which six credits must be three credits each of Qualitative and Quantitative breadth courses. This structure allows you to customize your education and prepare for your ideal career.

Legal & Ethics Electives
  • MBA 611 Legal Environment of Business
  • MBA 650 Business Ethics
Accounting Electives
  • MBA 696FA Financial Statement Analysis
  • MBA 623 Advanced Cost Accounting
  • MBA 696FB Financial Statements Presentation

Note: This Accounting track is not CPA licensure-qualifying.

Business Analytics Electives
  • MBA 620 Marketing Analytics for Data Driven Decision Making
  • MBA 621 Data Visualization and Analysis
  • MBA 625 Project Management
  • MBA 634 Financial Modeling
Finance Electives
  • MBA 626 Investments
  • MBA 628 Managerial Economics
  • MBA 639 Behavioral Finance
Marketing Electives
  • MBA 636 Marketing Research
  • MBA 638 Consumer Behavior
  • MBA 644 International Marketing