AACSB-Accredited Online MBA in Accounting

AACSB-Accredited Online MBA in Accounting

Online MBA in Accounting

AACSB-Accredited Online MBA in AccountingFor business professionals who desire to take on a higher-level leadership positions in taxation and accounting, St. Bonaventure University offers a highly respected, 100 percent online, AACSB-accredited Accounting MBA track.

As a student of this hands-on, online Accounting MBA track, you learn and apply cutting-edge business, leadership and accounting skills to your job in real-time. Upon graduation, through our online MBA program, you are prepared with the competence and courage needed to make ethically sound financial decisions that will move your organization forward in our highly competitive world.

Online MBA Program Delivery

Terms are seven weeks with two terms each semester. Most students complete the online degree requirements in two years. Depending on your academic background you may be able to complete the degree in as few as 20 months.

Careers and Outcomes

Online MBA in Accounting - Average Salaries

Individuals with an online master’s degree in accounting may want to pursue fields outside the realm of the traditional CPA-licensed accountant field. Accountants and auditors traditionally make an average of $67,190 a year. Graduates with an accounting majors may also serve as business analysts or consultants who work at organizations and improving the organization internally. The average annual salary for a business analyst/management consultant is more than $80,000 a year.

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Online MBA Cost and Financial Aid

The online Master of Business Administration is $733 per credit hour / $30,786 (as low as $21,990 for business majors).

The program is 42 credits for non-business majors and as low as 30 credit hours for business majors.

Qualifying individuals may also receive financial aid, learn more.

Online MBA Program Curriculum

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Foundation Courses (9 credits)

Foundation courses ensure preparation for upper-level courses. Some of these courses for our accredited online MBA program may be waived based on prior schooling and/or work experience

  • MBA 515F Quantitative Foundations for Management
  • MBA 516F Accounting & Finance Foundations
  • MBA 517F Economic Foundations
The Business Core (12 credits)

The business core ensures that you’ll develop an advanced conceptual framework for analyzing and solving business problems. 

  • MBA 610 Financial Management
  • MBA 612 Marketing Management
  • MBA 613 Organizational Behavior
  • MBA 616 Accounting Practices and Analysis
MBA 615 Contemporary Accounting Theory

Abilities to view contemporary accounting practices from historical, political, social, and economic perspectives are developed in this course. Financial reporting, management accounting and auditing practices may be explored. Ethical and global issues are also considered.

Prerequisite: MBA 516F and MBA 616 or Permission of Instructor.

MBA 623 Advanced Cost Accounting

A specialized course comprising in-depth analysis of process costing, job-order costing, standard costing, direct costing, and activity based costing. Other topics include cost-volume-profit analysis, relevant costs and revenues, joint and by-products, and budgetary controls and variances.

MBA 652 Intermediate Financial Reporting

MBA students will benefit from increased exposure to accounting and financial reporting areas not specifically covered in detail in other MBA courses. Topics include accounting for earnings per share; income taxes; leases; pensions; and other supporting topics.

Prerequisite: MBA 516F.

MBA 611 Legal Environment of Business

The purpose of this course is to recognize the impact of the law on management and marketing decision making. Dealing with government agencies, protecting intellectual property, avoiding antitrust traps, and product liability issues are among the highlights.

2 Electives from the Finance or Marketing track.

MBA 649 Capstone

The case-based capstone course provides the student with a practical, normative, and integrated approach to top management decision-making.  In this course, students draw upon previous coursework and apply their knowledge of accounting, finance, marketing, and management to organizational problems, working with colleagues to develop and present solutions.