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Online Journalism[br]Master's Degree Programs

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online masters in communication

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St. Bonaventure's online Master of Arts in Journalism programs prepare students to be successful journalists in an ever-evolving media world. Offered through the renowned Jandoli School of Communication, which has produced five Pulitzer Prize winners and numerous recipients of duPont, Peabody, Emmy, and Edward R. Murrow awards, the programs meet the highest academic standards by following the best journalistic and ethical practices in pursuit of truth, accuracy, fairness, and diversity. Students can choose a degree in either Digital Journalism or Sports Journalism and learn skills like social media storytelling, podcasting, mobile experiences and more from some of the most respected experts and professionals in the field.

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Core Curriculum
  • COM 500 Finding Your Voice: Introduction to Marketing Communications
  • COM 540 Embracing the Brand: Branding, Strategy & Execution
  • COM 580 Embracing the Audience: Empathy & Ethics
  • COM 590 Embracing Strategic Thinking: Marketing Strategy & Planning
  • COM 510 Embracing Analysis: Making Meaning from Data
  • COM 520 Embracing Research: Marketing Communications Research
Integrated Marketing Communications Specialization
  • COM 640 Integrating Digital Media, Mobile, and Emerging Technologies
  • COM 620 Integrating Creative Strategy and Design
  • COM 650 Integrating PR in a Global Market
  • COM 720 Integrating Visuals: Communications Design
Content Marketing Specialization
  • COM 640 Integrating Digital Media, Mobile, and Emerging Technologies
  • COM 662 Integrating Content Marketing: Planning and Strategy
  • COM 664 Integrating Content Creation: Visuals, Copy, and Optimization
  • COM 720 Integrating Visuals: Communications Design
  • COM 555 Mastering the Research: Fieldwork
  • COM 800 Mastering the Field: Thesis
  • COM 830 Mastering the Project: Final Defense