What Can I Do with a Master’s in Integrated Marketing Communications?

What Can I Do with a Master’s in Integrated Marketing Communications?

IMC Online Masters Program
IMC Online Masters Program

The way that people communicate is constantly evolving. St. Bonaventure University's online master’s program in IMC will put you ahead of the game, particularly if you'd like to concentrate on Internet marketing or communications in healthcare. Our online program can fit around your busy schedule if you are looking to advance at your current job, or open more doors if you already have your own marketing and public relations business. An MBA in IMC from St. Bonaventure University will give you the skills and confidence needed to succeed in the industry.

What You Will Learn

The core classes for St. Bonaventure's master’s in integrated marketing communications include the following:

  • Financial Tools for IMC and the International Economy

    Whether you will work in a financial capacity in the IMC field or not, this course will prepare you for analyzing the success and return on investment in integrated marketing campaigns so that you can make more informed decisions regarding marketing strategies.

  • The Practice of Public Relations

    Even as more marketing methods and ways of communicating with the public become digital, public relations will evolve alongside them and remain an integral part of getting organizations noticed. You will learn the building blocks of public relations and the role it plays in modern IMC.

  • Capstone IMC Campaign Project

    Our IMC candidates are required to learn hands-on from marketing experts with an IMC campaign project designed to emulate a real-life campaign for a company of your choice. The campaign will be reviewed by a mixed panel of professionals and is meant to teach you fundamentals of market research, how to write a compelling executive summary, define marketing strategy and IMC objectives, set a timeline and budget, and how to evaluate the campaign's ROI and outcomes.

Career Opportunities for IMC Majors

There are a host of career opportunities for IMC holders in several management capacities of large organizations, many of which can lead to executive and C-suite positions. In addition to working in and leading marketing departments at smaller organizations, here are some of the careers that IMC holders can expect to qualify for upon completion of the degree and sufficient relevant experience:

  • Integrated Marketing Manager

    Average Salary: $69,858

    Integrated marketing managers are responsible for helping develop and implement strategic integrated marketing campaigns, then measure and evaluate the results. In applying IMC principles to the job, integrated marketing managers may also perform market research and research elements of IMC like industry and social media trends.

  • Integrated Marketing Director

    Average Salary: $124,190, senior management $146,076

    Integrated marketing directors are largely responsible for the development and management of comprehensive integrated marketing campaigns, and manage all of the aspects of the campaign and/or oversee relevant departments such as public relations and inbound marketing. Integrated marketing directors ensure that all elements of the campaign are working together, and monitor all campaign results.

  • Public Relations Manager

    Average Salary: $76,335

    Public relations firms have been redefining the way they do business as a result of the digital age. Large and small public relations firms, as well as public relations departments in large organizations, are in need of quality managers and publicists who can help them adapt to these new methodologies and incorporate IMC into practice for them by leveraging a mix of modern digital marketing, communications, and traditional advertising.

  • Sales Representatives and Managers

    Average Salary: $80,000 plus commissions

    An integrated marketing communications degree can help set you apart from the average sales representative in any industry if you have experience incorporating and selling integrated marketing plans. Having knowledge of different advertising and digital marketing methods will help you sell these services as well as use them to form new tactics that make you a more effective sales representative. There are also opportunities to manage sales teams and use IMC in sales strategies to provide additional value for your clients as well as stay ahead of the competition.

St. Bonaventure University's online program in integrated marketing communications will prepare you for the marketing careers of the 21st century and be able to fit around your schedule today.


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