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Become a problem solver that takes data from insight to impact with a master’s in business analytics.

St. Bonaventure University’s online Master of Science in Business Analytics gives you hands-on experience with powerful data analysis software and the highly desired ability to confidently communicate business solutions underpinned by leading analytical and visualization methods.​ Our program is a strategically designed, competitively priced educational opportunity that will prepare you for high-demand roles working with big data.

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"Business analytics is an area where you can be continually learning, challenged and constantly growing in your role and knowledge of business. To me, that’s a winning combination for a terrific career."

—Lisa Melton, Senior Vice President of Marketing, AAA Northeast

At a time when technology increasingly creates new challenges to privacy, security and sustainability, we place emphasis on ethical decision-making. Grounded in Franciscan values, we develop critical thinkers who go on to become a positive force in the future of business.

Curriculum Highlights


CS 508 — Data Warehousing

This course enables students to establish the difference between databases and data warehousing. Students will learn how to manage and create data warehouses from large datasets in a corporate setting. Since this is a new trend in how to implement data, there will also be exploration of possible improvements to data warehousing.

MBA 621 — Data Visualization and Analysis

This course provides an introduction to the field of data visualization. Students learn basic visualization design principles to produce meaningful displays of quantitative and qualitative data in order to enhance the managerial decision making process. Students will learn various techniques for visualizing sequential, text-based, geospatial, hierarchical data and large data sets. Foci covered include data selection, data cleaning, data analysis, data presentation methods. Students will apply analysis and data visualization design principles to the design of interactive business dashboards and reports. Students will present their work in multiple formats to a range of audiences. Students will be introduced to various visualization software tools.

MSA 613 — Prescriptive Analytics

The focus of this course is mainly on prescriptive analytics with some parts focused on predictive analytics. Prescriptive analytics seeks to determine the best solution or outcome among various alternatives for a given situation, as well as suggest decision options for how to take advantage of a future opportunity or mitigate a future risk and illustrate the implications of each decision option. In this course, students will be familiar with the techniques, tools and applications that support managerial decision-making. The emphasis will be on the formulation of different optimization problems and the use of appropriate quantitative techniques to solve these problems.

MSA 628 — Predictive Analytics

This course offers an introduction to tools to enhance managerial decision making at all levels of the organization and across business units. Students will be presented with a question, problem or decision and will be asked to develop solutions using data techniques. The data will be extracted from an array of sources (internal or external, data format). Students will also be asked to choose the appropriate models, tools and methods for analysis.

MSA 645 — Analytics Capstone

The capstone course provides students with an opportunity to synthesize what they have learned about analytics during their graduate degree program. Students will integrate and apply analytical skills and knowledge acquired in the previous courses – including data management, big data, visualization, data mining, predictive and optimization techniques, and statistics – to complete a project involving actual data in a realistic setting.

Derive value from complex data using the latest tools.

These days, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to data analysis tools. Optimize your time and outcomes by knowing what software to use and when. Apply advanced methodologies to business challenges and learn to communicate your findings with confidence. Tools you will learn include:

Category Tools
Analytical Programming Python
Data Warehousing MySQL, Mongo
Data Visualization Tableau
Predictive Analytics Python, SPSS
Prescriptive Analytics Excel Solver Analytics
Curriculum at a Glance

Acquire the knowledge employers seek.

Our Master’s in Business Analytics curriculum is designed with everyone in mind. Whether you’re working in analytics-style roles already or exploring a totally new set of skills - we’ve got you. With nearly 20 electives to choose from, you can bring this skill set into fields across finance, marketing, communication, cybersecurity, leadership, and more. This is a sample list of courses and their descriptions. To view our entire curriculum, please fill out the form and access the program guide.

Proud to Be a Bonnie
Megan Drewer
SBU's MSBA program allowed me to choose my concentration and develop the skills I was interested in. Faculty members have worked at well-known companies, are published authors and overall have a breadth of professional and academic experience, which I had not encountered at previous institutions. My student support advisor was invaluable, which allowed me to focus entirely on my academic performance. I learned a plethora of new technical skills, which I could utilize immediately. I haven't even received my diploma and already have a new job!

- Megan Drewer
MS in Business Analytics, 2022

Michael Abbott Headshot
What attracted me to St. Bonaventure’s online Master of Science in Business Analytics was the program’s comprehensive curriculum and the flexibility it offered. As someone who works a full-time job, being able to pursue my advanced degree without sacrificing quality was paramount. St. Bonaventure’s reputation for excellence, combined with real-world analytical applications made it the perfect choice for advancing my career. The opportunity to learn from well-respected industry experts and a diverse group of classmates solidified my decision.

- Michael Abbott
MS in Business Analytics, 2024

Being a master’s program, you must have a previous bachelor’s degree to be eligible for this program. The good news is it can be in any field, and we do encourage you to speak with your advisor to see if you’re eligible for transfer credits.